res workshops

Workshop Format:

res is now offering tailored workshops for groups of students, artists, and creatives in all fields keen on discovering new opportunitites for their practice.

Each workshop will be tailored specifically to the group's interests and will cover the following topics:

  • Opportunities, why are they important?
  • Resources on finding them
  • Choosing the right one
  • Preparing your portfolio
  • Application tips & advice
  • Know before you go
  • Finding Funding
  • List of Fully-funded Opportunities
  • Dedicated residencies, disciplines and mediums
  • Geographic regions of interest
  • Additional Resources

Previous workshops: University of Massachusetts Amherst and BFAMFAPhD, The Cooper Union (NYC), Internet Yama-Ichi, SUNY Stony Brook, New Jersey College, & NYFA.

Upcoming workshops: ITP NYU, New York Artists Equity.


Proceeds from these workshops go directly toward the cost of developing our first prototype.


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* res means 'thing' in Latin, 'travel' in Swedish, and probably many other things in many other languages.